The PollPlus Pro module allows you to run multiple polls on your website. Unlimited options (answers) for each poll question.

Full multi-store support – run the same poll across different stores for different results. View the results for the poll for each store in the administration.

Simple "Plug and Play" installation, with nothing overwritten and no modifications to core files.

Installation instructions included.

Compatible with OpenCart versions 2.0.1.x, 2.0.2.x and 2.0.3.x. It is NOT compatible with versions previous to

Demo at Demos @ Fido-X.

Updated: Module has been "ajaxed" and now displays a bar chart of votes after voting. The same applies to the poll results page. The administration has also been "streamlined", allowing the adding of options directly into the question form.

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PollPlus Pro 2k

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